Chak De India - the movie

Chak De India has changed my views about Sharukh Khan. Though he has been in this industry for more than a decade and also given the biggest hits, the performances he has given so far have only been very stereotyped and monotonous which never attracted me to the cinemas, but a movie on Hockey and only one known face in the movie, that of the King Khan, and also all the rave reviews the movie has been creating got to my curiosity.

I finally watched it and found Mr. Khan's rhythm and style very personified. The script needed a little more aggression and audacity, it's not that I am complaining because the movie does make an impact on the mind but a little more work on the script wouldn't have done any harm. A few liners that made my chest swell, and is worth a round of applause are:

  • Hockey main cricket ki tarah chakke nahi hote !
  • Pehli baar main kisi gore ko tiranga lehrate hue dekh raha hoon.

The second half of the movie is fast and the last few scenes kept me glued to my rickety seat. I hope this movie does a lot for Indian women and also helps in reviving the lost glory of Indian Hockey.

Chak De India on the net:
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“Chak De India - the movie”

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