Before i begin, i would like to thank blogger for the hosting and yahoo for the template. Pardon me for 'stealing' this template but it was too good to resist.
This blog is the 'straight-on-the-face' kind. I'll write without any hesitation and with my identity concealed; in total secrecy. I agree i am being a coward, but this cowardice act is only helping me to get rid of my various weaknesses but in due course of time i will reveal myself, my identity.
I won't be surprised if you are already contemplating to quit and run to another website/blog, as my motive would have been served and my first battle won. Thank you for making it simpler and easy for me!

Give spock a look. This Silicon based company has pledged to register the profile of every individual on the face of this earth and eventually enable netizens to search for them.- wish you luck spock

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