Heyy Babyy

! A terrible waste of three hours and Rs. 180 (only the movie tickets. Popcorn and coke were exclusively charged !) to watch this forgettable (won't be easy) film. The title track is a 'hotter' and the first 30 minutes of the movie gives you a good feel as many of the scenes are rib-tickling and outright funny, but as the movie progresses boredom seeps in (especially the constant slapping, they simple love to slap one another!) and you want to get out, but Rs. 180 and the popcorn and coke couldn't let me leave so easily.
The movie is a sheer waste of everything. It's only making it easier for me to boycott Hindi movies. That'll surely be a bumper hit! That'll save me so much of wasteful time (pre watching+while watching+post watching).
The movie is not a family entertainer and also the baby's (pivotal) in the movie only until the 1st half, then it's the normal boy chase girl kind. 
The movie has nothing new to offer you and if you are planning to go watch it with your girl/boy friend, or on your first date or with your family members, or..etc etc.. the movie is a big no-no. Don't waste your time..


“Heyy Babyy”

  1. Anonymous JV Says:

    I vouch your experience. It was terrible movie, merely waste of time and money too..

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