If India is the land of Opportunities then Mumbai is the city of opportunities. That's what I thought before I headed for this great metropolitan from Pune. It has been more than a month since I moved here and ever since I have been scouting for a job, but 5 interviews down I have come across nothing worthwhile and concrete. It surely is getting frustrating and melancholic. I have this passion to work, to give it my best with all my enthusiasm and interest but no work is interesting. One company wants me to do Door-to-door selling (raising funds for CRY); and another company, Hutch, calls me for an interview, makes me wait for 3 hours and eventually tells me that they are looking for a person with 2-3 years of experience. Well, then what were you doing with my resume? Couldn't you read that I am a fresher, who has just graduated in July this year? Another has offered me a job but the regional head is out of station and for the past one week he's been saying that he'll get back to me. I am still waiting.
While giving an interview today, I realized that the only thing that I have apart from my qualification is self-belief. And if I lose this, I'll lose everything.

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