Man and his ironies

This is my first, observed, irony of Man/Woman that I am putting down on "paper".
Men/Women are forever using "promise" and "I swear" in their parts of speech either to prove that they are committed to a certain cause or to substantiate what they have just spoken.

For example:
he to she: I promise you that i will see you at 8 o'clock for dinner.
Does this mean that he will only see her at 8 o'clock, because he has promised her?

Let's modify the script.
he to she: I will see you at 8 o'clock for dinner.
Is he lying to her, because he hasn't promised her?

Let's take another example.

he to she: I swear, i was in the loo when you called.
This proves he's speaking the truth, because he swore!
he to she: I was in the loo when you called.
He could still be telling a lie, because he didn't 'swear'.

Do you use "promise" and "swear" in your parts of speech? Why?
Does it make things simpler for you just by using them?


“Man and his ironies”

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