My take on Human Species

If the Human Species is eradicated (read removed, it's so much more gentle) from the face of the Earth, will it hamper the food chain? Will other living species be hampered or go extinct? Give it a thought.
They won't. They will continue to live and thrive.
Now that's what this post is all about: My Take on Human Species.

Human's are aliens to the planet Earth and who were from a very advanced world. I call that world GIA42. These GIAns had a forever expanding population and were rigorously hunting for a new world, roughly around a few thousand years ago, where they could flourish incessantly. That's when their search succeeded. They found Earth. They "dropped" many Adam's and Eve's who would be the most advanced beings (parasites) on this blue planet.
The Adam's and Eve's exploited the various resources and thrived. These limited resources are on the verge of finishing, which has put these Earthly GIAns at the same spot that they were a few thousand years ago, aka back to square one. The advancement in modern technology and know how is giving them a new lease of life. They are searching for inhabitable worlds. They've reached the Moon (it still is a conspiracy theory) and their robots have reached Mars. Looking at the giant strides they are making, they will find a new world, but before they leave Earth, this planet will be completely ravaged and exploited, but it will still survive. Earth will survive because Humans don't form the food chain though they will destroy it.

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“My take on Human Species”

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