What have you done for India ?

I, me :

  • I have added three more persons to the already exploding population of India (approximately 1.3 Billion)
  • I have filed 5 cases in the judicial court which are still waiting for a verdict; i know it will see the light of the day once the 300 lac pending cases are dealt with.
  • I never switch off the fan or the tube light or the bulb before i leave my place because i know that i have the money to pay for it.
  • I love chewing tobacco and Beetle leaf (paan) and to top it all, i relish spitting at any clean corner.
  • Littering is my favorite past time.
  • Beyond the four walls of our house, i loathe skimpy clothes and the likes and i speak openly about my views but inside these walls i can't stop myself from watching what's beneath the skimpy clothes. (why the hypocrisy?)
  • River Ganga also known as the Holy Ganges; surprisingly it's holy only on paper, otherwise it's a river filled with effluents and garbage.
  • The politicians need to grow up! They are still stuck with the ideologies of the 20 th century (the first half of the 20th century, precisely)
  • Satyagraha  was then but now it's only foreign brands. Jeans, Mobile phones, Home appliances, et al. What's happened to Brand India ?


“What have you done for India ?”

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