England 316 - India 317 : India Win by 2 wickets

This match was exhilarating and it was by far the finest performance by the Indian team after the TV breaking-nerve twitching-hair pulling disaster that the Indian team had shown during the World Cup. Hope you and I (sorry, just I) can forget the past and move ahead to the present and dream of India winning this tournament and also the 20-20 World cup happening within the coming week.

The Match was a total rip off of a Robert Ludlum or Frederick Forsyth novel. It kept me glued to my seat, didn't even budge to answer nature's call. After the dismissal of dada (Saurav Ganguly) and Sachin Tendulkar, I felt the match was over but a brave comeback by India through Robin Uthappa and Dhoni was far from over...

Robin Uthappa's performance deserves a standing ovation and also the Man of the Match award. A player with just 13 matches of experience and who played his first match in the tournament, played with amazing composure, grit and temperament. A few innovative shots (he's planning to improvise them during the coming world cup next week ! That will surely boost the TRP's !!) helped the team a great deal because the English bowlers were firing on all guns. Yorkers and full pitched deliveries could only be put to the boundary if improvised shots were implemented and that's what Robin Uthappa did.

Until the finals this Saturday, it's time to celebrate. It won't surprise me if dada considers removing his shirt yet again!

To the Indian team - Chak de India!


“England 316 - India 317 : India Win by 2 wickets”

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