Tips on How to Save

  • When you start slow and keep at it, it's a snowball that'll get bigger and bigger.
  • It's better to borrow from yourself than to rely on a credit card and feel as if you can never get ahead.
  • The key is to reverse the habit of spending first and paying later, with interest. We need to get back to the old-fashioned way: saving the money, then spending it. That costs less and causes less stress and anxiety, than using debt or going without.
  • One should understand the difference between "need" and "want". Before putting your money into buying something, ask yourself "is this a need or a want?"
  • For free strategies and motivational stories from fellow savers check out
  • For hard-copy tips on how to wring extra expenses out of your budget, take a look at:
    - Live your life for half the Price by Mary M Hunt.
    - Pay it down by Jean Chatzky.


“Tips on How to Save”

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