i believe

  1. We are here for a reason and the reason is to learn. We learn in this life, we've learnt in the past and we will learn in the future (lives) until we have completed with our 'education' and then... (I haven't reached there yet, but once I do I will surely let you know).
    And to add to this belief of mine, our five senses is what helps us in our learning and enriching of our self. It is our window to the world.
  2. It's very easy to do the wrong thing but it is a lot difficult to do the right thing. That is what makes it all the more interesting and challenging because it's always this right that is never wrong.
    For eg. It is very easy to go to the nearest 'paan' shop, buy a pack of cigarettes and smoke them, knowing that it is harming you and the people around you but it is not easy to go to the same 'paan' shop and convince yourself in not buying another pack of cigarettes. But, at the end of the day, you've won... you've won a fight against yourself and have become more positive since you've just overcome one of your weaknesses and are well on the way to perfection.
  3. It's very easy to suspect someone, distrust someone even if that person is one of your family members but it's a lot difficult in understanding and figuring out how to change this negativity into positive energy.
  4. It's easy to complain and find problems but it's the person who finds solutions in such situations a true winner.


“i believe”

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